Eye care practice such as optometry is one of the rising demands in the medical field. You are required to finish pre-professional undergraduate college education then proceed to a 4 year education in a college of optometry. However, it is not easy to gain reputation in the practice you are in. You need to  be more than just an optometrist, you need to be competitive and be the choice of patients whenever they are looking for an eye care specialist. 

Whether you are new or not in your practice, it is imperative that you attract new patients and retain old ones. It is often costlier to capture a new patient rather than retaining and developing a long term relationship with the existing ones . Eye care is a long term necessity for a person, when the patient is unhappy with your service, he or she will simply find new optometrists in your locality. How can you be the first choice of the patients whenever they seek for an eye care specialist?
  • Understand the need of your target market. It is a cliché especially when you are simply selling products in the marketplace. However, it is a different thing when you are an optometrist. Some people would be very sensitive when it comes to their eye needs. You must understand their concerns, desires and sensibilities. One word can turn them off and would compel them to find a new optometrist. You have to be more sensible, not just to protect your image but also to protect the feelings of your patients. 
  • Craft a strategy that will tune up your recall system. There are some practices that many second-cataract or second-LASIK surgeries are a failure because of scheduling problems and weak recall systems. You must audit your charts for clinical compliance. You have to be more organized so that your patients will feel being served with sincerity and professionalism. 
  • Create an impression that you are always available, affordable and capable. This is where your competitive advantage will tune in. How different are you with other optometrists? How do you perform eye examinations? Remember that it matters to patients how you perform the examination or the treatment just like how they anticipate the results of the treatment.
  • Always perform with excellence following the standard procedure. Patients often look for optometrists whom they can be comfortable and confident in sharing their concerns with their eyes. By showing an excellent and holistic service, you build a rapport and camaraderie with them. 
  • Follow up and communicate with them. An eye exam may not be done in one session. There could be a second or third session, so you have to schedule and follow them up to make them prepared of themselves and expenses. The secret to having a good reputation is by showing real concerns and sympathy with your patients. 
  • Offer referral incentives. It's a strategy wherein you give discounts to every person your patients bring. It is a great way to spread the news about your practice and promote savings to your patients as well. It provides a win-win scenario for both the patients and the optometrist.

You don't have to do it by yourself. There are a lot of reputation management systems that can boost your name and build your brand. It gives an easily understood reporting and scheduling that can connect you and the patient more often. With an optometry practice, your ace is your reputation. Take care of it to ensure a long term success. 

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